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Kickstarter Amber Patron

  • Extra VIP KS
    One month VIP - Kickstarter bonus
  • Pack Pig
    Guinea Beast Pack Animal
  • Forum Badge/Frame - Amber Patron KS
    Forum Badge/Frame - Amber Patron KS
  • Credits - Patron KS
    Credits - Patron KS
  • Digital Game Copy
    Downloadable copy of Crowfall
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  • Arcane Weapon set - KS
    Cosmetic upgrade for weapons
  • Quarterhorse-KS
    Magical figurine that summons a unique mount
  • Digital Art Book
    Download a visually stunning collection of Crowfall artwork
  • Digital Sound Track
    Downloadable Crowfall sound track
  • Warhorse-KS
    Magical figurine that summons a unique mount
  • God Statue (1 of 12) - KS
    Choose an exclusive god statue for your personal kingdom
  • Nightmare Mount-KS
    Magical figurine that summons a unique mount
  • Alpha 2
    Begin playing during the second alpha testing phase
  • Cottage * 2
    A cottage for your personal kingdom
  • Bank size +20%
    Increase the capacity of your account bank by 20%
  • Name a Fallen Hero
    Choose the name of a fallen hero (subject to approval)
  • Reserve Guild Name
    Protect your chosen guild name by reserving it early
  • (1 cell) Farmland Parcel (standard) * 9
    1x1 farmland
  • Name a Fallen Monarch
    Choose the name of a fallen monarch (subject to approval)
  • Expanded Colors Guild Heraldry
    Access to an expanded selection of colors in the Guild Heraldry creator
  • All Father Statue Relic w/Blessing of Knowledge (KS exclusive)
    Statue grants Blessing of Knowledge
  • Stoneborne Relic
    Grants Gaes of Craftsmanship
  • Centaur Relic
    Grants Blessing of Courage
  • Dwarven Blacksmith Thrall
    Improved crafting
  • One month VIP * 72
    One month VIP
  • Company Garrison
    Guild Halls serve as meeting places for player associations. The COMPANY GARRISON can be use to house the MILITARY Artifacts and Relics won in Campaign Worlds, which can provide game benefits to the members of your guild. Example: Find and display the Spear of Alexus the Warrior Queen, which grants a damage increase when using a spear or polearm within range of this Garrison.
  • Physical Collectors Edition/KS
    A boxed, limited collector's edition of Crowfall
  • Kickstarter Participant
    Participated in Kickstarter
  • Arkon Greatsword Relic (Large) * 3
    Arkon Greatsword Relic (Large)
  • Enabled for Guild Creation
    Enabled for Guild Creation
  • Enabled for Guild Crest Creation
    You are enabled to create a guild crest
  • 2017-enable-guildname
    Enables account to create a guildname if they have the guild name entitlement
  • ks-medium-fort
    Kickstarter Medium Fort Bundle
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