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Kickstarter Backer

  • Extra VIP KS
    One month VIP - Kickstarter bonus
  • Pack Pig
    Guinea Beast Pack Animal
  • Forum Badge/Frame - Copper Patron KS
    Forum Badge/Frame - Copper Patron KS
  • Credits - Patron KS
    Credits - Patron KS
  • Digital Game Copy
    Downloadable copy of Crowfall
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  • Beta 1
    Begin playing during the first beta testing phase
  • Arcane Weapon set - KS
    Cosmetic upgrade for weapons
  • Quarterhorse-KS
    Magical figurine that summons a unique mount
  • Digital Art Book
    Download a visually stunning collection of Crowfall artwork
  • Digital Sound Track
    Downloadable Crowfall sound track
  • All Father Statue Relic w/Blessing of Knowledge (KS exclusive)
    Statue grants Blessing of Knowledge
  • Stoneborne Relic
    Grants Gaes of Craftsmanship
  • Centaur Relic
    Grants Blessing of Courage
  • One month VIP
    One month VIP
  • (1 cell) Farmland Parcel (standard) * 2
    1x1 farmland
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